Motion is an international industrial solutions provider comprised of a talented and diverse workforce paired with innovative services and tier 1 products to serve our customers all over the world. As the world changes, we rely more now than ever on our workforce to pursue our strategic growth plans, expand our offerings and reach our sustainability goals.

We are committed to caring for our employees and our communities. We provide significant and ongoing job and leadership development, as well as safety training. Our various benefits targeted at promoting comprehensive well-being include mental health coverage, traditional health coverage, and financial resources to maximize current earning for future returns. We also survey our teams annually to determine their engagement and satisfaction, correcting concerning trends to help us improve and stay relevant in the marketplace. This ensures that we continue recruiting the best talent in the market.

Our employees are invested in our business and in the communities where we live. We have programs designed to engage employees in these communities specifically around educational programs, housing development, and wellness. There’s something for everyone as we partner with key organizations such as Junior Achievement, Habitat for Humanity, and The American Heart Association.




The satisfaction score is based off the following metrics:




We support more than 100 individual charities and key partnerships across the globe with resources to care for the communities where we live



At Motion, we have seen the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic firsthand and are committed to the health and well-being of our teammates. As essential workers, keeping our manufacturing customers operational and our team members safe was paramount throughout the pandemic. The pandemic continues to impact our lives, but our dedication to the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities has not wavered.

We continually monitor and follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and enforce enhanced cleaning procedures and screening protocols. We provide protective equipment for our teammates and regularly employ our emergency relief fund to help those employees impacted by COVID-19. Teammates affected by COVID-19 are eligible to receive leaves of absence, as well as other forms of aid as support.

As a result of our external outreach to manufacturers and suppliers, and our downstream communication to Sales and customers, we could better respond to customer inquiries on alternative products, offer advice on process or product substitutes, and generally create a positive response for our customers.